Sunday, April 18, 2010


So today at 2:00 I have ACTS JR. What is ACTS JR. exactly? Well, it's a place where kids with and without disabilities go and act. ACTS JR. stands for "Acting Creates Therapeudic Success." It is a part of a therapy plase called Pediatrics Plus. So kids go and act. It is so much fun! It's for kids 7-17. I am in a movie called "Rolling Thunder." This dude named Geraldo has to bowl against the best bolwer in the nation: Black Jack Poker. He is scared that he will lose but then Holloway gives him a magic bandana that makes Geraldo a great bowler. Of course these aren't the kids real names. I am the news anchor. I ask questions and interview the bowlers. I love Nathan. He is 17 and he has autism. He loves me. I also love Cole and he is 14. He is so cute! The other day we were filming and I felt like I was in a real movie!! There was this camera dude and a boom microphone!! It was awsome!! So I have to practice Rolling Thunder the play today from 2:00 to 5:00. 3 hours of acting!! The play is totally different than the movie. I don't know why. But I gotta go! hugs~darciJ

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