Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy, stressful day

Hello wonderful people! This morning we are VERY busy. As you all know we are moving to a bigger house May 13th. Some people have to do an inspection on our house and the house that we are buying for some reason. I have know idea why. Mom and Dad are working out in the garage cleaning and I am blogging. Mom isn't stressed one bit which is unusual, and I am! Mom keeps throwing out chores for me to do. I did them but she says that she has MORE for me to do. I have no idea why i'm stressed. I just am. (And I will post pictures of the new house as soon as I can:) So lately I haven't been reading the Bible so I started last night. I had to do some science homework that had stuff to do with the Bible. So I finished that and I also studied my Scripture Memory from Bible class. And I read my Daily Devotions and I felt very proud that I had spent an hour with the Lord. Well, maybe not an hour 'cause I would get distracted and go visit with my mom. So I spent at least 30 minutes visiting forgetting what I was really doing. Doctors think I don't have ADD but I think they are CRAZY! I do beleive that I have ADD. I am always distracted when trying to do school and I have a really hard time paying attention. Well, I can't really say that I've been distracted doing school because I really haven't lately. Only a long time ago. I am not making sense and I am sorry! I need to go help around the house and I'll post again tomorrow!! hugs, Darci J

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