Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My dumb, but fun-loving dogs

The one that is smiling... panting is Ben, and the one who looks annoyed is princess. I have 2 labrador retrievers. Ben, and Princess. Ben is black, and Princess is brown. Ben is sooo adorable!! In the mornings, my dad lets Ben get the newspaper, and take it to the kitchen! He says "Take it to the kitchen!" And off goes Ben! He actually takes it to the kitchen! What a smart dog! He also rubs his head on you like a cat, and he loves my dad! When dad is sitting in his chair, Ben comes up to him and lays his head on Dad's belly waiting to be pet! He is so cute! And he LOVES butt scratches! He'll come over to you and turn around telling you he wants his butt scratched!! As for Princess, she's VERY dumb. She's potty trained, but when she's scared, she pees in the house!! She loves to sleep, and she is REALLY funny!! When Ben and Princess play outside, Princess runs like a horse around the whole backyard!! If she's going to fast, she'll topple over, and roll around. How wierd!! But I still love them. When we move they are going to be outside dogs. Right now, they bring mud in the house, and shed everywhere! Our house is nasty!! But I know they won't care if they live outside, because they'll have 3 acres of woods, and land to run and play on! And me also! hugs~DarciJ

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