Thursday, April 8, 2010

New House!

Hello people!! I totally forgot to tell you that we are moving!! We sold our house, and we are buying a new house! It is so big! It has woods and I LOVE to explore in woods. My favorite summer thing. And I also love to swim so we have a pool! It's an above ground pool, but a deck is built around it and it is awesome! The one thing I'm not happy about is that I don't get my own bathroom. I have to share with my sisters. I forgot to tell you that I have 2 sisters both older than me, so that makes me the baby! Danielle is the oldest. She is in college and is 21. Devin is 17, and I will be 13 on May 29th! Danielle lives in an apartment but she's moving back home. I am kinda excited about it. The one thing I think she won't enjoy about it is living with the dogs. She doesn't like my dogs. They are big and they always lick her. She screams and pushes them away. I love my dogs. They are inside dogs right now so that adds to our stress! But when we move, they are going to become outside dogs. I am sad about that but I know our house will be less stressful. I am VERY excited about moving because we are moving May 13th! I am also sad to leave this house. I've been here for 11 years so I pretty much grew up in this house. But I know I will enjoy exploring the woods, and swimming this summer! hugs, Darci J

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