Saturday, April 10, 2010

So angry!! And VERY bored!

I am so mad today!! I hate Hunter this boy accross the street very much!! I was outside not even doing anything. He and his friend Mason were playing basketball. I was also playing... not involved in the game. Hunter gets a water gun, fills it up, and starts spraying me!! I looked so cute and he got me soaked!! I was yelling at him but he would not stop!! I went inside about to cry. I sat on my bed and was so angry I didn't know what to do! I changed shirts and went back outside not talking to him. He sprayed me again!! I yelled at him and my Dad said to stop. I am now very angry and about to cry! I shouldn't had said I hated him becuase hate is a very strong word. So I dislike him. I am also very bored today!! I want to play outside but not if Hunter's out there! I could play outback but there's dog poo in the yard and my trampoline isn't fun anymore. I am staying inside the rest of the day! My mom is at the Luandry Mat... whatever it's called becuase our dryer is broke. So she has to sit in there for 2 hours. I am going to tell her all what happend when she gets home. I think I might start a good book or take a lovely bath. I have no idea. Goodbye! hugs, Darci J

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