Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Close

Well, we are about to leave this house I am currently living in. We just closed on our house so we do not own this house anymore. Lavonda and Jim are the people we are buying the house from. It's a for sale by owner. We love them! Tomorrow they are thinking that they are going to be done packing! And yesterday we had to take 2 HUGE loads of stuff on the trailer to the new house. And I got a new Bikini so I got to swim... In MY pool! When I was swimming it just felt weird knowing that it's my house. Well, my parents. But, I just felt really sad there for a moment. I am getting really emotional. Friday night, my parents and I were sitting out in the front yard. And, while Mom was discussing our new house, I just started sobbing. I love this house, and I love the new house too. But change is really hard for me. Especially THIS kind of change... moving from a house that I have been living in for 11 years. I'm not that sad today, because I know I will enjoy the house, and I also know that God will be on my side during this rough time. I gotta go! God bless! :) Hugs~ Darci Jordan

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mixed emotions

Hello Blog world! It is me Darci and yes I am still alive! I know I haven't posted in a long time, and that is because I have been very busy and so overwhelmed. A week from tomorrow I will be out of the house I am currently living in. I have been here for 11 years, my whole life except for one year. I am sad, excited, and stressed. A lot of mixed emotions. I am happy that I'm moving and also sad. I am sad because I have to leave the adorable little boys on my street... even though they do annoy me sometimes. lol I do not dislike Hunter anymore, but he's the one who says he hates me since. But he really doesn't. :) He's just sad I'm moving. So yesterday I finally got him to tell me that he only hates me a little, and likes me a little. I was glad to hear that because for several days, he was being mean, but I deserved it. Now we are back to playing football and basketball, and baseball. Just like the good old days. :) I am really exited because we get a pool! Perfect timing when we get to the new house because it'll be summer! We also have 3 acres of land, and woods! If you were to meet me, I would tell you all about me exploring in woods. I love it! I love all woods! And me and my dad are going to build ME only, a tree house! So fun! And on May 29Th I'll be 13! I am having a pool party with my girl friends. And I'm getting an electric guitar! I'm not trying to brag, but I'm am a pro when it comes to playing the guitar! Well, not exactly what you would call a pro because my music teacher Brandon, says I go to fast sometimes. And I agree. I am just so excited about my electric guitar and my amp! My mom might regret buying it because I am gonna be jamming out I tell you! But she probably won't regret it. She knows how much I love music and she also knows how good I am at it. Gotta go! hugs~ DarciJ P.S. I AM ATTACHING A PICTURE OF MY DREAM TREE HOUSE!I FOUND IT ON GOOGLE BUT MY DAD SAID NO WAY. LOL