Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Close

Well, we are about to leave this house I am currently living in. We just closed on our house so we do not own this house anymore. Lavonda and Jim are the people we are buying the house from. It's a for sale by owner. We love them! Tomorrow they are thinking that they are going to be done packing! And yesterday we had to take 2 HUGE loads of stuff on the trailer to the new house. And I got a new Bikini so I got to swim... In MY pool! When I was swimming it just felt weird knowing that it's my house. Well, my parents. But, I just felt really sad there for a moment. I am getting really emotional. Friday night, my parents and I were sitting out in the front yard. And, while Mom was discussing our new house, I just started sobbing. I love this house, and I love the new house too. But change is really hard for me. Especially THIS kind of change... moving from a house that I have been living in for 11 years. I'm not that sad today, because I know I will enjoy the house, and I also know that God will be on my side during this rough time. I gotta go! God bless! :) Hugs~ Darci Jordan


  1. Its been awhile since you posted anything. everything ok?

    1. Hey it's me Darci! Omg I am never on here and I know it's been almost 2 years since I've posted!! Yes everything is fine and I'm about to write a new blog if I can figure out my username and password loL! :)