Thursday, August 12, 2010

about 3 months!!

OMG! I haven't posted since May 15th!! except for that post called "At the Cross" from yesterday. Let me fill ya'll in on my life! So, we have been living in our new house for 3 months now and absolutely love it!! On May 29th I turned 13 and got my electric guitar!!! My 18 year old sister is moving out in 10 days. And i got 2 kittens! Both tabby cats! Devin, my sister's cat, is orange. She named him OrangeJello. Lol. That's not how you say it. OR-RON-JA-LO is how you really pronounce it. haha. We call him OJ. He's really my cat since i take care of him all the time. And Leo is my cat. He's the gray tabby. They are soooo cute but I have millions of scratches!! And sometimes I miss the old house, but usually I don't. We sometimes drive by it, but it's not even sad. I never see Hunter, (the kid i use to dislike.) i would like to see him because i didn't hate him all that much. But it does feel weird driving by the old house. I don't swim every day which is very weird, but the pool feels so hot at times. And before that we had an algae problem but it is now fixed. So that's my life! hugs, DarciJ

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