Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost 2 years!

Hey everyone!! Yes it is me Darci!! I am not dead I am alive! Wow! In August it'll be 2 years since I've blogged!! Well... SO many things have gone on since the last time I posted... and if I told y'all all about it it would take forever to read it!! Let me just say that I do not miss our old house one bit... I have incredible friends who live next door and I am now going to public school!! It's amazing!! And I will be 15 on May 29th!! So... I am much much better at playing guitar... I'm intermediate!! And I am still taking guitar lessons with Brandon every Wednesday. I now have 2 electric guitars. That 1 from my 13th b-day and then a Gibson! Epiphone Gibson. It's amazing! And I still have my first acoustic which was 98 dollars but for my bday I'm getting a GS mini which is made by Taylor. I can't wait!! And omg I had the best summer in 2011!! My 14th birthday was amazing!! And omg I have such a good relationship with God! I grew closer to him in May of 2011 because my heart just yearned for Him and I am just so close to him. <3 And my cat died in November!! :( It was so sad. And then Hillsong came to Arkansas!!!! And guess what!! I MET THEM!!! :D I didn't meet Darlene Zschech though because she was in Europe but I met Nigel Hendroff the guitar player and Harrison Wood the drummer. But I didn't meet Reuben Morgan but I really wanted to! :( He was still exploring Little Rock apparently because their tour buses were drving around. And omg I am just so blessed with so many incredible people! And my sister Devin is married!! And they now have a son named JD! He was born on April 10th. I am so freakin in love with him!! And I am just so excited for my bday!! I will try to blog from time to time from now on! Love y'all!! Hugs ~DarciJ ps I'm posting a pic of Reuben from the hillsong night and a really recent pic of me because I have glasses and even without them I look a lot different! :) <3 and 1 more ps!! I was baptized in Decemeber 2011!! I will post a pic of that also :)

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