Sunday, April 22, 2012


G'day Mates!! So, for a while now I have had a brand new dream... it started the night after I met Hillsong... so when I graduate College my dream is to move to Sydney, Australia!! I really want to become a part of the Hillsong team and play guitar for them, not lead guitar or anything just acoustic!! But I am going to Australia before I die and that is a true FACT!! I have already talked to my mom about it and I have a pretty good Australian accent! Well I can pretty much only say, 'G'day mate' but still! Say this: Good eye mite. And it will sound like you have an Aussie accent! All of my friends and family know about my dream and I always talk about Australia and Hillsong! I am still waiting to meet Darlene Zschech. She is so amazing and such a great inspiration to many!! Including me. :) You should check out a few of her songs. Go to YouTube and such for 2 of her songs that I absolutely LOVE!! Type in 'Darlene Zschech His Glory Appears' and then 'Darlene Zschech Face to Face.' Face to Face is amazing!! I don't think the one where she sings a duet with Barry Southgate is on there just the one where she sings. That song is absolutely amazing!!! *sighs* Her songs are just perfect. <3 So, I am so excited for my 15th Birthday! I am so ready for my new guitar! My birthday is on a Tuesday and then I am planning a B-day party which will be on Saturday June 2nd the weekend after my Bday. It will be at my house and we'll have family and friends over! It'll be like last years which consisted of swimming in our pool, hotdogs and burgers, and then this year I really want to lead worship. I love to lead worship! Like one time we were having a girls night with Danielle's friends and my mom was there also, and I got my guitar out and just started playing some of Hillsong's songs. I played Mighty to Save and a lot of people joined in and sang and it was awesome! And omg another song by Hillsong Live that I'm sure you know is 'From the Inside out'. "A thousand times I've failed still your mercy remains and should I stumble again still I'm caught in your grace." I absolutely love playing that song! And I love to play along with them. Just a little while ago I played Worthy is the Lamb with them and it was wonderful! I am so, SO in love with my guitars. <3 Omg only 5 more weeks of school left! 8th grade has been pretty good but omg it has been terrible as well! It is going by so fast though! It seems like just yesterday I was telling my parents bye as I got out of the car going up to the courtyard for the first time. The courtyard is where all the 8th and 9th graders visit and I had NO idea where my friends were. So it was awkward but I talked to this guy named Garfield who's in 9th grade. Intersting name, huh? But now everyday I go to the courtyard and hang out with my friends! But lately I've been sitting alone so I can read or just think about life. I ride the bus so we get there like at 7:30 and then the bell rings at 7:55. I love all of my teachers so much! But I hate math... I only like some of the things we do in there! You might think this is crazy but I love doing Algebra! Like 1/4y-3=9. All you do is add 3 on both sides and then blah blah blah. I won't tell everything but yeah! And I hate Shakespeare... we're reading Midsummer Night's Dream in Language Arts and omg I hate it!!! Sooo boring. Well, I think I'll go now soooo.... peace out homies!! Hugs ~DarciJ

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