Thursday, April 26, 2012


G'day mates! Well, yesterday was a terrible day... It's that time of month again ya know so I am blaming my bad attitude on that. :P But it was terrible but today has been better! Omg I am so ready for school to be over!! May 25th! :D But 2 weeks from tomorrow is Fun Day at school!! It's going to be awesome 'cause there's not going to be ANY work at school just all fun! It's on May 11th and we're gonna have an awards assembly and then there's the talent show. I'm not gonna be in it this year but next year in 9th grade I'm gonna sign up. And then we're gonna get our year books and we're gonna let our friends sign that and it's gonna be so fun! We're gonna have popcorn, cotton candy and drinks and we can get our face painted and then I'm in a group called 'The Nerd Birds.' Lol! You don't have to be in a group but only if you want to play 'The Amazing Race' and 'Fear Factor' and so there's 6 people in each group and I'm with my friends in our group! We're gonna have neon tshirts with numbers and equations even we don't understand and those black 3D glasses with tape in the middle on the nose and it's gonna be so much fun!! And if you don't wanna be in a group you can hang out in the other part of the junior high and play the Wii, Kinnect and all of those fun things. It's going to be awesome! And then on the courtyard we get to throw water balloons at our teachers! 1 quarter for 1 balloon or 1 for 3. So I'm definitely gonna use 5 dollars for 15 balloons because I have some teachers who I REALLY REALLY wanna soak!! :D I don't know what order all of those activities go in lol but yeah. And then last Saturday Danielle gave me her old Toshiba laptop and it is very interesting. There is a big black thingy on the screen because she use to set things on the top of it and so if you wanna see anything you have to drag it over to a clear spot on the screen. But I like to use it at night because I'll type a journal entry and listen to my music and everything. The only thing I don't like is our stupid internet won't work and it says to call the dude who manages our network and I'm NOT going to do that because of my stupid anxiety! So I'll just have to go internet-less. And I plan to go to BestBuy and get a new screen for it. Well... I'm just sitting here listening to MercyMe so Imma go now and so peace out everyone!!! Hugs, ~Darci J <3 xoxo PS... my new favorite band is One Direction!! Well they're my 2nd because of Hillsong and I could never replace that number one band of course. ;)

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